Updating Schema History table for Flyway

The default version history table for Flyway has been changed to {schemaname}.flyway_schema_history from Flyway 7.0 onwards. However, for backwards compatibility, we need to set it to fallback to the previous table name {schemaname}.schema_version. Steps to update Go the the flyway configuration file. On MacOS, it can be found under the following directory – ‘usr/local/Cellar/flyway/7.2.0/libexec/conf/flyway.conf‘. FindContinue reading “Updating Schema History table for Flyway”

A User-Defined Function returns more rows

Problem Recently, while working with one of my clients, I came across a script in which I had to introduce a scalar User-Defined Function in the SELECT statement. The SELECT used to return around 750K records. However, after introducing the UDF, the row count significantly increased to 826K. There were no other changes made toContinue reading “A User-Defined Function returns more rows”